Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Behold, He makes all things new

... Tonight I wrestle with faith over reality. Tonight I'm reminded of a story that I read a year ago. In this story these men were praying for water to turn into wine. As the first man drank from the cup,he still tasted water but in faith he only remarked on what great wine it was. Then the second man tried it and said the same. The third man then tasted from the cup and said it was the best wine. So then the three men took the wine to the head pastor to try. The first man wondered what would happen as the pastor tasted it, but to his relief and surprise the pastor said it was great wine... For the water had turned to wine. Once the three men had left, the first asked the others if they had tasted wine when they tried it before, and both men said no... But that they believed in faith that it was wine even if it tasted like water*... Tonight I taste water... But I'm calling it wine. Why? Because faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. It can be scary though as I take this step. I wrestle. But He says He has it all under control.. And I choose to trust Him. It's not water, it's wine. Behold, He makes all things new. *the full story can be found in the book,"Like a Mighty Wind"... And yes, it's a true story and told way better than what I just did.

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