Thursday, January 12, 2012

And so it begins...

... The other night I sat with my daddy on the couch. Family and friends milled about us, making sushi and having a lovely time, as he and I discussed dreams. All of my life I have had dreams ranging from prophetic to terrifying, so as a friend mentioned being afraid because they have both good and bad dreams of traveling, I shared a simple trick I have learned through the years to know for myself if a dream is to warn me (from the Lord) or to stop me in my calling (from the enemy). If I feel terrified or afraid in my dream, it's usually not from God. He is love, and perfect love casts out fear. So if He is speaking to me or warning me, why Would I feel afraid of the situation around me? I can feel heaviness. I have felt the darkness or danger He was warning of, but never terror. If you do, I would dismiss it as a distraction. Don't let the enemy steal your destiny. Pray for protection and wisdom and break off that fear. And if there is no fear and you feel significance, write it down and take it before the Lord. He is a loving Daddy. Ask Him for the secrets of His heart. Ask Him for wisdom and direction. He will help you understand... As I shared my thoughts, my daddy told me that I needed to start blogging...I told him I didn't know what to write... So He told me to just write... Write about the past, write about my day... Just write. So here I am. I am not claiming to be wise. I am not claiming to be funny or entertaining. I am just going to be me, sharing with you my simple life. Why? Because my daddy asked me to..


  1. I love that you are writing! This post reminds me of all my crazy dreams in mozambique. And for the record, you ARE wise. Most wise people don't know that they are. Love you.

  2. love this! great start to a new year :)

  3. I love it! You come from a long line of "should be" writers, ones who are at home with Their Daddys and ones who are still around you.They all had/have a story to tell, to help those in need and want. You are doing IT, and being yourself.I Love you and yes this is the best way to start a new year,A simple life.